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The English West Ham club has officially announced its contract with the wonderful Algerian wing, Saeed bin Rahma, from the English ranks of Brentford.

The transfer market in England ended on the fifth of October, but after the amendments of the English Premier League, any team from the Premier League became entitled to contract with any first-class player in England, and vice versa, for a date no later than the 16th of this month.

Today, in the last moments before the entire transfer market ends, West Ham finally succeeded in hooking Bin Rahma, to announce the deal under the heading “You Can Breathe Now.”

Bin Rahma signed his transfer contracts to West Ham on loan until the end of the season, with eligibility to purchase, to appear in the number 9 shirt with the David Moyes battalion.

Bin Rahma said: “I am very happy to be a part of West Ham.”

“West Ham is a historic team that has owned and still has many good players,” he added in his comments with the club’s official website.

“I spoke with the coach, so I know very well what is expected of me, and I will try to give everything I have on the field.”

The 25-year-old Algerian joined Brentford in 2018 from Nice, France.

Bin Rahma played 46 games last season with Brentford, scoring 17 goals and making 10 assists.

This season, Bin Rahma started with equal strength and has scored twice in 3 matches.

Ben Rahma appeared in the Algerian national team shirt on 4 occasions, the last of which was against Nigeria last Friday in a friendly match in preparation for the African qualifiers for the African nations.


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