Find out why Kamal Abu Raya separated from his wife on his birthday


Celebrate Today is October 23, the artist Kamal Abu Raya, on his 57th birthday As he excelled since his inception, whether in television, theater or cinema, and presented many different and distinctive works, for example the series “Queen in Exile” where he embodied the role of Ahmed Hassanein Pasha and the series “Ali Mubarak” was embodying the role of Ali Mubarak, and we show through this The report is the secret of his separation from his ex-wife Magda Zaki.

The artist Kamal Abu Raya was born in 1962 and graduated from the Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1985 and married the artist Magda Zaki and the two separated after a marriage that lasted 20 years.

The artist Kamal Abu Raya revealed in a TV interview about the reason for his separation from Magda Zaki, saying: “She helped me a lot, and our separation affected me a lot because of my love for my children. the beginning”.


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