Follow-up complaining about the entry of insects into the grave of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi and her daughter respond – with a photo


One of the followers complained about the neglect in the grave of the late Egyptian actressRajaa Al-JeddawiAnd the entry of insects to it, as it was written on a picture that was published by the daughter of Al-JeddawiPrincess MukhtarShe said: “May God have mercy on her. Don’t you, princess, accept the two words from me. I entered the video of the burial of Madam Raja. His burial money is broken as if it has been for years, broken on the side and has a big hole and insects enter into it. The world mourned her, and she has become a matter of all people, I wish the grave was arranged and befitting a capable artist, and I would allow you, princess if you intervened, but you were sad about her. Would we take her into account .. Where were all the comments about her daughter?
To respond Amira: “Indeed, it has been under restoration for more than a year, and is still under repair and the back hatch because this space will be taken to complete the street.”

She added, “As for the question of where her daughter is, I am not responsible for the restoration, there are the elders of the family who are responsible, and Mami used to manage it because she is the largest, but this is the family burial and I am the youngest of the family. Thanks for the concern. Oh God, lighten our graves all. ”

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