For the first time, Basil Khayat reveals the picture of his daughter news


Syrian artist Basil Khayat revealed for the first time the features of his youngest daughter “Isabella”, which he has been keen to hide from social media since her birth in Montreal in 2018.

Khayat published his daughter’s photos on the occasion of her second birthday, through the comic feature of his Instagram account, to share with his fans his celebration of his daughter, who closely resembles the features of her brother “Shams”.

A picture
A picture
Basil Khayat had gone through a bad psychological state recently due to the death of his father on the second day of Eid al-Adha, but he decided to go out to the public and share his feelings.

Basil Khayat posted a video of him through the Stories feature in the Instagram application, and the video began by greeting the audience, and he said the Quranic verse: “O reassuring soul, return to your Lord, satisfied and satisfied, so enter my servants and enter my paradise.”

He continued: “I was shocked by the sudden death of the father, and due to the current circumstances, we could not hold condolences, and at the request of all lovers and everyone who was aware of Samir Khayat, pray for him, and have mercy on him. May God have mercy on him. God knows what is in the hearts. “

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