“Forget the world, and I will run for you.” I know the lyrics of Amr Diab’s new song “Al Jaw Beautiful” … Video


The plateau Amr Diab Promo released his new song “The Weather is Beautiful”, through his account on the “Instagram” website, which says the words: “In the middle of the night and the blame, I stay in a state of Roukan when I see you. Beautiful .. You completed the missing moment once with a laugh once, with a dance, and we said, “Oh, what if you were six days today.”

Amr Diab raised questions from his followers after he posted a picture on the official account of the plateau on Instagram, in which a girl appeared without revealing her identity.

The audience of the star Amr Diab was surprised during his last concert, which witnessed the presence of a large number of stars, by singing to him to celebrate his 59th birthday, which fell on October 11th, and the plateau thanked them and resumed singing again.

The plateau, Amr Diab, presented his latest song, represented by the song “Ahh Ahh”. .


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