Fouad Shafiq .. His brother is a great artist, and this is the story of 20 pounds in a film by Umm K.


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Tuesday 13 October 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Today, Tuesday, October 13th, is the anniversary of the birth of the great artist Fouad Shafiq, who is one of the founders of the artistic and cinematic movement in Egypt and the Arab world, as he was keen throughout his artistic career to present different styles and various personalities.

We provide you with information about the great artist on his birthday in the following report:

– He was born in the Gamalia neighborhood in Cairo, and was born in 1899.

– His name is Mohamed Fouad Shafiq and technically “Fouad Shafiq,” and he is the younger brother of the artist Hussein Riad.

His father was well-off and worked in the leather trade, and his mother was Syrian.

– His artistic beginnings were in the first quarter of the twentieth century, which means his contemporaries with the establishment of a group of the most important theater groups: Ramses, Fatima Rushdie, Al-Wataniya.

– His love for acting started when his father accompanied him with his two brothers, Mustafa and Hussein, in their childhood to the group “Salama Hegazy” to watch plays with him.

His family refused him to enter the field of acting, so he was forced to leave the family home.

– One of the artists who studied at Saidia School in Giza, his acting talent started early, through his participation in school theater performances at the secondary level.

– His father sent him to Sudan, in order to keep him away from the acting from which his great son, Hussein Riad, was kidnapped.

He worked as a clerk of accounts in the irrigation department of the government of Sudan.

– He was not able to return to Egypt directly, and continued in Sudan for 10 years due to his marriage.

Upon his return to Egypt, he joined Youssef Wahbi’s “Ramses” band, where his brother used to work, but he left it before participating in its shows.

He joined the artist George White’s theatrical troupe, and his first role in the troupe was the role of an officer in the Japanese honor play, and he continued for two years.

– Then he joined the group “Najeeb Al-Rihani”, then the troupe “Amin Sidqi”, with whom he performed in the plays “A Night in the Life” and “Birds of Paradise.”

– He joined the “Fatma Rushdie” band in 1927 with its inception, and participated in a large number of its shows.

– His cinematic score has reached 55 films.

– His first movie participation was in the movie “The Defense” in 1935, which was directed and starred by Youssef Wahbi.

– His real start in the cinema was in the movie “The Song of Hope” in 1937, directed by Ahmed Badrakhan and starring: Umm Kulthum, Abbas Faris, and Mary Muneeb.

– His last films were in 1963 with the film “The Bride of the Nile”, directed by Fateen Abdel Wahab, and starring: Rushdi Abaza, Lubna Abdel Aziz, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim.

– He had the ability to perform comedic roles with the same ability and distinction in performing tragic roles.

– He was distinguished by his proficiency and ability to act in Standard Arabic with the same proficiency in acting in the colloquial dialect.

– He collected with his brother Hussein Riad several works of art in the theater with plays: The Doctor (1928), The Death of Cleopatra (1940), People Who Are Above (1958), and in cinema with films: Defense (1935), Salama in Good (1937), Love from Heaven ( 1943), The Great Slip (1945), Fatal Mother (1952), Monotone (1959).

– In 1939, film director Togo Mizrahi, during their collaboration in the movie “Salama” starring Umm Kulthum and Yahya Shaheen, was stipulated that he first got 20 pounds before acting on the scene of his fall into a water-filled fountain, and when the director asked him about the reason for this condition? He replied that this amount is less valuable for treatment than influenza, which he is sure to have after falling into the water and wet his clothes and his body in the dead of winter, and therefore it is necessary to secure himself first, and indeed he obtained it before acting the scene.

– He passed away after the death of his brother, less than two months ago, as he left on September 2, 1965, while Hussein Riad left on July 17, 1965.


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