France..Nine people are lost and more than 11 thousand families are cut off electricity and roads are ruined because of “Alex”


France .. losing 9 people and cutting electricity to more than 11 thousand families and ruined roads due to

The storm “Alex” hit France on Friday and Saturday, causing considerable human and material losses, especially in the southeast of the country in the Maritime Alps.

Authorities recorded the loss of nine people, including two that Nice’s mayor Christian Estrozzi said a few hours earlier that their bodies had been found and their identities had been identified.

Civil protection agencies said that they had rescued 236 people during at least 315 field interventions, and a number of these interventions are still ongoing, while helicopters had launched a search for the missing, including two civil protection elements, by 8:00 am.

Storm Alex, with torrential winds and torrential winds, cut off electricity to 11,600 French families, rendering dozens of roads unusable, as well as destroying homes, uprooting trees, and damaging other public property and structures.

During the last hours, the intensity of the storm, whose intensity was classified by the authorities as orange, has decreased, while the classification in the level of red, as happened on Friday, is the strongest and most dangerous level of intensity of the storm.

The marine Alps region, and the Nice region in particular, witnessed in the fall of 2019 air disturbances that left 14 people dead within two weeks.

Source: Agencies / Media

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