French player addresses Macron: “I am a Muslim and not a terrorist”


The French player, Adil Rami (34 years), criticized the statements of his country’s president, Emmanuel Macron, against Islam, and said, addressing him: “You are throwing us in filth.”

Rami confirmed in a post on his account on “Instagram”, his rejection of the French positions against Islam and Muslims.

Rami described the insulting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), which were published by Charlie Hebdo magazine, as “provocative”, expressing his sadness and anger about that.

And he added: “I am French of Moroccan origin. I am Muslim and not a terrorist.”

He explained that those carrying out the attacks in France are not Muslims, and that the politicians in his country do not want to understand this aspect.

He continued, “Macron! You throw us in filth. France means diversity. I am upset by the provocations and drawings of Charlie Hebdo, and by the practices relating to Muslims. Understand?”, Concluding by saying: “I am very sad, this is a disaster.”

The French player of Moroccan origin, Adel Rami

During the past days, France witnessed the publication of “insulting” pictures and cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on the facades of some buildings, which sparked a wave of anger across the Islamic world.

Macron said, on October 21, that his country would not abandon “cartoons”, which doubled the wave of anger in the Islamic world, and campaigns were launched in some countries boycotting French products and goods.

In February, Russian club Sochi signed Rami in a free transfer deal until the end of the current season.

Rami has previously played with several clubs, most notably Milan, Sevilla, and Olympique de Marseille, and his last experience in Turkey was with Fenerbahce.

He represented the French national team in 36 matches and won the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

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