From her room and on the bed … Amr Diab’s daughter crosses red lines


Jana, the daughter of the artist Amr Diab, posted a short video clip through her official account on the Instagram site, in which she appeared in her bedroom while singing a foreign song.

Followers of Amr Diab’s daughter interacted remarkably with the video clip she published on Instagram, expressing their admiration for the beauty of her voice, which always raises controversy and enthusiasm for the followers.

On the other hand, Amr Diab achieved 15 million views for the video clip of his new song, “Maaken Al-Sihr,” which he released on his YouTube channel on August 24th.

Since the song was launched, Amr Diab Trend has led the video site “YouTube” so far without a competitor, in addition to the trend of Twitter, and the trend of the search engine Google, and the song has also achieved 4 million views on “Facebook”.

On the other hand, the great artist Amr Diab, Trend, “Twitter”, has been in the top spot during the past few hours, after a number of social media pioneers circulated clips of his most prominent songs.

The audience’s tweets came as follows: “You don’t need anything while you’re under the influence of Amr Diab so that you’ll regret it after that.” And “The second best thing you can do in the air is that you are looking for a drive. There is no better than this, frankly, ”and other tweets that praised Amr Diab’s work over the course of his busy artistic career.

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