Fyler: I lived with Al-Ahly unless I watched it in war films


Rene Fyler, the former coach of the first team at Al-Ahly club, spoke about some of the difficult circumstances he lived with with the Red Castle, specifically facing Al-Hilal in the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly had climbed to the knockout stage in the African Champions League after tying in the last round against Al-Hilal of Sudan in Khartoum, in a match that witnessed violent riots, and reached the team’s detention in the middle of the stadium amid a tight security cordon.

“What happened in the first-leg match against Al-Hilal of Sudan? No, I do not want to remember that at all – smiling -” Fyler said in his statements to Swiss television on Sunday evening.

The 47-year-old Swiss coach added:My colleagues and I were afraid for our lives. It was a decisive game, we just needed a draw, and we were 1-0 ahead. A quarter of an hour before the end. “

He continued: “There was a free kick for us, and the Al Hilal fans wanted to object to the decision, which they considered wrong from the referee, and then stormed the stadium, and the projectiles came flying from the stands, it is unimaginable.”

“After the match, the team had to stay in the dressing room for two hours. We were protected by a huge police force, and they had assault rifles that I hadn’t even seen in war movies,” he said.


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