German scientists invent a device that cleans the Earth’s orbit from space waste


The European Space Agency began this summer to work on designing the Clearspace-1 system dedicated to cleaning the Earth’s orbit from space waste, this was stated to the Russian “TASS” agency, Rene Bichal, head of the European Space Agency branch in Russia, as he said that technical work on the realization of the project had started in Last June, a meeting was attended by experts in the agency and the Clearspace-1 company, which won the bid to manufacture the space system, with the Federal Technological School in Lausanne, Switzerland, and the European Aviation Company, “Airbus”, and others that formed a space consortium.

According to the Russian RT website, Rene Bichal explained that the system design agreement is expected to be signed next November, and the agreement was coordinated in November 2019 at the ministerial meeting of the countries participating in the European Space Agency that took over the financing of the project.

He said that the purpose of the project is to withdraw used satellites and their large fragments that can form a large number of small-sized debris from Earth’s orbit. A satellite launched by the European Space Agency is expected to determine the coordinates of space waste by special sensors that it carries, then the European satellite will approach a spent satellite and hijack it with 4 robotic hands.

The hijacking will be tested on part of a European rocket launched into space in 2013 and now flying 800 km above the surface of the Earth.


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