Ghazl El Mahalla Coach: Happy to return to excellent .. and the fans celebrate the players


The fans of Ghazl El Mahalla were keen to wait for the team’s bus upon its arrival from Alexandria to celebrate the team’s rise to the Premier League after winning the Olympic 2/1. Khaled Eid, the technical director of the locality, revealed in statements to On Time Sports channel for the “Thalata fans” program presented by Ibrahim Fayek, that he is happy By culminating their efforts by returning to the excellent and qualifying again for the league.

Khaled Eid added that the fans are present at Ghazl El Mahalla stadium to celebrate the players and the technical staff after returning to the Super League again after an absence of more than 3 seasons, and that he is preparing for the Premier League for the next period.

Ghazl El Mahalla team returned to the league of lights and fame again after it achieved a precious victory outside the stadium today against the Olympic club of Alexandria with two goals to one, raising its score to 47 points in the first place of the group, two points ahead of Pharco, his closest competitor, who beat the municipality of Mahalla with a clean quarter.

And the rest of the group’s results resulted in Dekernes winning over Bella with six goals to none, Kafr El-Zayat and Al-Hammam’s finances tied with two goals, Raja Al-Matrouh’s victory over Ali Mansoura with two goals to one, and Abu Qir Fertilizers led by Ahmed Al-Kass achieved a victory over Damanhur with four goals to two.

The National Bank team, led by Eid Marazeeq, had succeeded in climbing into the league of lights and fame for the first time in its history after achieving a positive tie with a goal similar to it yesterday against Assiut Petroleum, raising its score to 44 points in first place in the first group after the end of the competition matches, at a time when Aluminum tied outside His stadium was negative in front of Sohag, raising its score to 43 points in second place, and the match witnessed street quarrels between the two teams after losing the dream of going up against the sons of Nag Hammadi in the last moments.

The rest of the group matches resulted in Beni Suef’s victory over Tahta with two goals for nothing, and Dairout against Fayoum with the same result, and Beni Suef’s phones to the media with a goal for none, and Minya and Shabab Qena tied for the same. .


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