Global Health warns of a dangerous epidemic situation in the eastern Mediterranean


Global Health warns of a dangerous epidemic situation in the eastern Mediterranean

Reuters Denis Balibouse

The WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Ahmed Al-Mandhari, said that the epidemiological situation in the region is dangerous and worrying in light of the Corona pandemic.

In a statement published today, Al-Mandhari added that there is a sharp increase in cases throughout the region, as some countries recently, including Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia and Libya, have documented the highest number of cases reported in one day since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Al-Manzari pointed out that the organization is monitoring with concern the increasing number of cases every day, and is currently working to amend its recommendations to suit countries, based on the epidemiological situation and the changing context, stressing the need for a more targeted approach with regard to surveillance, examination and contact tracing, and for societies to realize the crucial role that It takes part in helping to stop the spread of the virus by adopting preventive behaviors.

Al-Manzari stressed that this unprecedented increase in cases is a stark reminder of the need for governments, local communities and partners, including the World Health Organization, to do much and much to change the course of the pandemic.

Al-Manzari warned of the state of frustration and stress that some have reached with the continuation of the pandemic, as the world is currently witnessing movements against curfews, while adhering to the behaviors that we know limit the spread of the virus is still insufficient.

Al-Manzari expected, with the continued stress associated with Covid-19, that the situation will worsen, and the coming months will be difficult for everyone, as the virus witnesses more opportunities to spread, and it is also likely that the flu season, which is expected to start soon, will exacerbate the situation.

He stressed that “the choices that we will make in the coming days, weeks and months as individuals, societies and countries will ultimately decide whether this deadly pandemic will sweep us collectively in a deeper way, or whether we will collectively overcome the virus and recover from it.”

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