Google’s new “Web Stories” feature is now available … all you need to know about it


Google has been working on its Stories feature for a while, as the giant search engine has finally introduced Stories, also known as Web Stories or AMP Stories, to its search application, and according to a post on the company’s official blog, the stories section will be available within the Discover section of the search application.

Stories can be found in a circular form within the Google application within the Stories tab, and users in specific areas will be able to view the stories by clicking on them, while Google Web Stories is a mixture of images, videos and texts to depict a story similar to what we see in other applications such as Snapchat Or Instagram.


The Stories feature is currently being launched within the Google application in the United States of America, Brazil and India, and Google has confirmed its launch in more countries in the future, and also, at the present time, the stories feature is limited to the Google application, search and images, and the company has also confirmed the feature for more products and services. The Google.

It should be noted that this is a delayed launch and may take some time to reach each device, and for us, the stories feature was visible, but it suddenly disappeared, and for those unaware, Google first started developing Stories in 2018 as AMP Stories using Google Accelerated Project technology. Mobile Pages, and these stories are already available via Google search results.


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