Green diamond production “made entirely of air”


A British millionaire and environmentalist has set out plans to create diamonds “made entirely from the sky” using carbon absorbed from the air.

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Environmental expert Dale Vince, founder of the green energy company Ecotricity and president of football club Forest Green Rovers, has developed green diamonds by absorbing carbon from the air, called Sky Diamonds, which were made in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The process uses a mining facility in the sky to pull carbon from the atmosphere, where wind and sun provide energy. The process also reuses collected rainwater.

The company says the process is a way to challenge the traditional diamond mining, which is causing damage to the planet.

It took the team more than five years to get the technology right, ensuring that it was physically and chemically identical to diamonds mined from the earth.

It takes two weeks to manufacture an environmentally friendly diamond, which is certified by the International Gemological Institute.

And “green technology” uses carbon dioxide captured directly from the atmosphere to form diamonds, which is chemically identical to diamonds extracted from the ground, using wind and solar energy, with water collected from rain.

The result is “the world’s first zero-impact diamond,” according to Vince, and it can even help clean the air by removing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere.

“Making diamonds from the sky, from the air we breathe, is a magical and exciting idea, it is modern chemistry. We don’t need to mine the earth to get diamonds, we can drill in the sky,” said Vince.

Vince noted that he has yet to decide the price of climate-sensitive gemstones, which have been certified by the International Gemological Institute.

Lab-made diamonds are becoming increasingly popular with the growing awareness of the environmental, social and economic impact of the mining industry.

Vince expects his new project, Sky Diamonds, to produce 200 carats of negative carbon diamonds each month, but said the facility could expand to produce 1,000 carats a month over the next year.

He told Britain’s “Guardian” newspaper that Sky Diamonds would use a process known as chemical vapor deposition to manufacture diamonds at its Gloucestershire facility.

Vince promised to produce carbon dioxide directly from the air, and he would produce the hydrogen needed to make methane by splitting rainwater particles with a renewable energy electrolysis machine.

Source: The Guardian

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