Guardiola defends Aguero in the Lady Banner incident in the Manchester City match


Spaniard Pep Guardiola, coach, confirmed Manchester City The Englishman, that Argentine striker Sergio Aguero did not intend to harass Cyan Massi Alice, assisting the referee of the Citizens match against Arsenal, in the sixth round of the Premier League, after the spread of the image in which the Argentine striker touches Alice’s shoulder, and accused him of harassment. Sky Sports reported that the Manchester City coach said, “I did not speak to Sergio about this matter, but I am absolutely sure that if Alice feels bad, he will apologize without problem.” Guardiola also likened the situation to Bernardo Silvas suspension for posting a controversial tweet about Benjamin Mendy.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola added that Sergio Aguero will apologize to Sien Massi-Ellis if the official feels bad about the striker touching her shoulder.

Aguero was subjected to severe criticism after the accident that occurred during City’s victory with a clean goal at home to Arsenal, but match officials did not believe that any formal action was required.

Guardiola noted that “Sergio is the nicest person I have met in my life. I look for problems in situations other than this, stressing that Aguero does not have bad intentions, and that this type of contact is a common place in football.”

Guardiola likened the situation to banning City midfielder Bernardo Silva from one game last year after he posted a controversial tweet about his colleague Benjamin Mendy.

Guardiola concluded his speech by saying, “If I saw some aggression, I might think it was normal as I know him perfectly. He was a big star in the world but he was humble, and the kindest people I met. What is important is his intention and intentions. It was natural for me to talk to her in a normal way, it was not a word.” Bad, it was normal. “

Manchester City is preparing to face West Ham at 1:30 this afternoon, in the sixth round of the English Premier League.


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