Hakim, Mohamed Fouad, Mustafa Hajjaj and Hisham Abbas perform the October victory ceremony at the stage … Video


Citizens gathered, while singer Hakim performed the rehearsals of the podium party, scheduled for the fourth this afternoon, to celebrate the glorious October victory.

The concert will be attended by the singers, Mustafa Hajjaj, Adaweya, Hisham Abbas, Mohamed Fouad, Hakim, Al-Madfagia Band, Boussi and Ahmed Essam.

A number of political parties launched a large stage in front of the memorial in Nasr City, “the podium”, in preparation for the celebration of the great victory, the glorious October victory, and a large theater was established in front of the main gate of the International Park in Nasr City for the celebration.

A number of political parties called on all Egyptian people to participate in the celebrations of the glorious October victory, today, Friday, in the main squares in the governorates, and the main event in front of the memorial in Nasr City.


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