Hani Shaker cries emotional as he talks about his late daughter and reveals the truth about his disagreement with her husband after his connection – via video


The Egyptian artist could notHani ShakerWho is holding back tears that shed while he talks about the death of his daughter Dina after suffering with cancer, pointing out that she used to love life and was the last moment clinging to life, and she had hope that she would be cured of the disease, adding: “As for you to see whoever is in front of you clinging to life you must feel it if You also have hope for what is coming. She loved life too much and loved her children too. “
He continued, crying, “Our Lord, no one told someone to parting with the dana, it will be very difficult. You reach a situation if some of you are descending by putting it under the ground with your hand is very difficult .. for the last moment I had hope that our Lord would heal it.”
Regarding the fact of the disagreement between him and his daughter’s husband, especially after he remarried, Shaker stressed during his stay as a guest on the “Seera” program presented by the Egyptian mediaWafaa Al Kilani, That their relationship is good and there is no disagreement between them, pointing out that he married recently and lives near them, so that the children can visit him, adding: “The sweetest need of Dina Sabahatthalna in this world is Malika and my Majesty .. Do you think that you have a sense that we have religion in them, in their spirit, words and actions, They have 11 years now … they live with me and go to their father a lot … but most of the time Nahla and I are with me. ”


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