Hani Shaker cries on the air for this reason (video)


10:00 AM

Saturday 24 October 2020

Artist Hani Shaker entered into a fit of crying in the air, after remembering the day his father left while he was still a high school student.

Shaker said, during his interview with the media, Wafa Al Kilani, on the “Al-Sirah” program on the “DMC” channel: “I was studying at that time because the exams were close, and my father came from the work very tired. God bless his soul”.

He added, “This time affected my examinations, and I passed, 55% of my prayers and I returned to health, and praise be to God that I succeeded at the time.

Hani Shaker is currently participating in the jury of the Voice SENIOR with the stars: Samira Said, Najwa Karam and Mahlem Zein, which is shown on “MBC Egypt”.


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