He insulted Wydad and broke records .. What did Moroccan newspapers say about Al-Ahly’s qualification for the final match ?!


Ahly Wydad insults, “With this headline, Moroccan newspapers and websites summarized the situation of the Casablanca team after losing to today’s Egyptian champion in the semi-finals of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly defeated Moroccan Wydad, 5-1, back and forth, and booked the first card in the CAF Champions League final.

Al-Ahly qualified for the thirteenth time in its history to the final of the continental championship, and the victor is expected to face Zamalek and Moroccan Raja.

Al-Ahly insults Wydad and breaks records

The Arabic version of LE360 of Morocco chose this title: “Wydad enables Al-Ahly to break a set of African records” to highlight the match.

The same report stated that Al-Ahly broke the record as the strongest line of attack in the CAF Champions League, after its success in scoring 34 goals in one copy, which was achieved in 2003 by the Nigerian team Animba.

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And the site placed on the match report the following title: “Al-Ahly insults Wydad back and forth and qualifies for the Champions League final.”

Humiliating defeat

Agadir 24 website headlined the match report as follows: “Wydad Casablanca deposited the African Champions League competitions after the humiliating defeat against Al-Ahly of Egypt.”

The same report was satisfied with reviewing the events and goals of the match that ended with Al-Ahly’s victory and its qualification for the African Champions League final.

Al-Ahly mines increase the pain of Wydad

The electronic version of the Moroccan national team newspaper reviewed the match report under the following title: “Al-Ahly with Mines increases Wydad’s worry and pain!”

The report pointed out that the second goal for Al-Ahly, which was scored by Hussein Al-Shahat, showed the psychological state that the Wydad players were going through, indicating that they fought the confrontation with a defeated defense, players falling like autumn leaves, and total surrender to the superiority of the Egyptians!

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