He married 3 women and got 3 houses in the UAE (government proposal details)


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Last Monday, the Committee of Islamic Affairs, Endowments and Public Utilities of the Federal National Council in the Emirates undertook to study a proposal to grant a maximum of three homes for citizens married to three female citizens, according to the newspaper “Emirates Today”.

During a “virtual” discussion session, organized by the presence of a large number of citizens who want to deal with the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program in Dubai, the Emirati Committee affirmed its intention to include this proposal, as a parliamentary recommendation in the final report, on the policy topic of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program. It is scheduled to be discussed under the dome of the Council during the second ordinary session of the 17th legislative term.

The committee agreed to adopt parliamentary recommendations, to be discussed with government representatives, most notably granting citizens who have more than one wife priority in obtaining grants and loans provided by the program, as well as the need for amendments to the electronic application of the Zayed Housing Program, and a review of the status of income earners. Limited and recipients of social affairs grants.

The citizens participating in the seminar discussed the most important challenges they face in accessing the program’s services, such as grants and loans.

They called for the need to take into account the health status of the group covered by housing grants, so that they are given housing near medical centers and hospitals, as well as to give priority to obtaining program services for citizens married to more than one citizen wife, and to review the requirements related to divorced women.

They also suggested raising the ceiling for housing loans, in order to save dealers the hassle and hassle of obtaining bank loans, to complete the value of housing construction.

The list of recommendations also included a review of the value of the monthly deductions, which citizens who obtain housing loans are obligated to pay, in order to match economic variables and the cost of living, and a review of the status of low-income people and beneficiaries of social affairs grants.

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