“He thought of me weak, I wouldn’t take my right.”


Fatima Diab, a girl who was exposed For harassment in Beni Suef And she insisted on filing a complaint against the harasser, that every morning she goes out of her house and buys the requirements of the house while she drives a “wheel”, noting that the region and the surrounding community do not accept this view even though there is nothing to prevent that.

Fatima Diab added, during a phone call to the “Ninth” program, presented by the media, Wael Al-Ibrashi, on Egyptian TV: “As I came down from the house, I met my neighbor standing at the door of the house. You have dogs. I said thank you. I don’t need help. Say ride the wheel. I was afraid to ride, so I went a little bit towards the camera, and I was surprised that he was harassing me and I couldn’t forget my feelings from the time. ”

She continued, saying: “This issue is not the first time it happens, and it is verbal harassment, but this time was difficult. My right, and when I complained to his family that he had a strawberry, and they told me that he was supporting me so that I was falling, and our Lord blessed that in a video of what happened all happened, and they offered me money and I refused.

And she continued, “I worked the report on Thursday and he was arrested on Sunday at length. I all think about the matter with a sense of the touch of his hand on my body, and why I live in this pain and I am not experiencing any wrong thing that requires that he is harassing me.”

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