His family described him as a “friendly person.” The Tunisian judiciary reveals new details about the perpetrator of the Nice attack


His family described him as ...


Eric Gaillard

The Tunisian judiciary revealed that the perpetrator of the bloody attack in the French city of Nice, Ibrahim El-Ouesawi, had been known to the authorities for years.

Mohsen El-Daly, a spokesman for the Tunis Court of First Instance, confirmed to “Reuters” today, Friday, that Ibrahim El-Ouesawi, 21, was arrested in 2017, when he was a minor, due to violence and the use of white weapons in the area where he lived at the time.

Meanwhile, members of the Al-Awassawi family, which has been living for more than twenty years in the popular Tina area in Sfax Governorate, said that Ibrahim is “a friendly person and did not show extremism.”

Al-Awassawi was arrested yesterday after he carried out a bloody stabbing that left three people dead near the Notre Dame church in Nice, southern France.

Source: Reuters

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