“His voice is loud and it disturbs my sleep.” The reason for Shadia’s separation from Salah Zulfikar


I began to feel stability and that motherhood was no longer a dream, and that the sky had pushed me to meet Salah Zulfiqar so that he would be the man who would bring me the motherhood that I am looking for. It is also the role that elevated Bassem Salah to the ranks of top stars. “

This is how artist Shadia spoke in her memoirs published under the title “Shadia” by writer Iris Nazmi, and she said: “The system was one of the most important features of Salah. And every day, they sent me a warrant for reservation, and “Salah” took over the task of organizing my tax life, removing from myself the feeling of constant anxiety due to the tax notifications that threaten me, and organizing many other things for me in my life, but the loud voice was one of his most prominent flaws or his first defect, and I am not I like the high volume. “And she continued: “I often woke up from my deep sleep, disturbed by his angry voice, his quarrel and his screaming with the cook, and of course it was difficult for me to fall asleep again. How do I sleep after that sudden tension that afflicted me .. How does a person feel if the screaming is the first sound he hears in The beginning of a new day?

The late artist took the initiative to address these defects in her husband, artist Salah Zulfiqar, but after the end of her dream of childbearing against their will, they lost their nerve, and “Zulfiqar” returned to his loud voice again, and each of them began to occupy his own roles in the cinema, and they return at the end of the day very exhausted and they are all waiting From the other the word thin.

Regarding the way he separated, Shadia said: “He started to raise his voice for the most trivial reasons, and I had reached a degree of boredom that it was impossible to remain silent, and the incompatibility between us became very clear, and I began to think about the separation. Is on it. “


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