Hisham Tawfiq reveals the plan to re-spin the Mahalla for the golden era


Dr. Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of the Business Sector, confirmed that there is a plan to re-spin the Mahalla for his previous era in Egyptian football after his return to the League of Lights and Fame, and Hisham said in a phone call to the Hour Program with Schubert on On Sport FM Radio: “The holding company was assigned to prepare bonuses for the Mahalla spinning team and its apparatus. The technician, and we want him to return to the excellent without returning to grievances again, we want to return to competition without any further retreat, and soon I will visit the team to honor him. ”

Hisham Tawfiq continued, “We are seeking to make a radical development of the football system at the Ghazl El Mahalla club by separating the team from the company and establishing a joint stock company for sports services, which the company owns about a third of its shares, while two-thirds of it are offered to the fans of football fans and spinning the Mahalla by subscribing to a public offering. The new company will be the first joint stock company to be listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange for a football team.

The Minister of Business Sector adds, “The idea of ​​launching the Mahalla Spinning Club on the stock exchange is still an initial idea, and what prompted us to accelerate this idea is the club’s rise to the excellent league, in order to finance and support the team technically and administratively. The company itself needs every pound we put into it, and that the investment is made in the Mahalla spinning company. At an amount of 7 billion pounds with equipment and a place to operate, I got the idea, which is a public offering or subscription to the public, instead of buying the club from a businessman or an investor abroad. ”

He continued, “There will be a usufruct right for the Ghazl El Mahalla stadium, the two training stadiums and the name of the football team, and a public offering of 100 million pounds for the football fans in the first phase, then the second phase will be in the academies, especially since the locality is a magnet for all the talents of the Delta, and there will be two scouts to choose players from the age of ten years. And up to 14 years old. ”

Hisham Tawfiq continued: “I promised Ghazl Mahalla that there would be no change to its members nor its technical apparatus, because what happened earlier was an unforgivable mistake and limited additions will be made in some centers, because this team and his coach Khaled Eid are the reason for our rise to the excellent with the sincere support of the Mahalla fans.” .

Regarding the sale of Mahalla yarn, the Minister of Business Sector said, “I seek refuge in God. They are all rumors. There is no intention to sell the club or to prejudice the company’s assets and entrances, whether to an Arab investor or even an Egyptian.”

Ghazal El Mahalla returned to the spotlight and fame after a four-year absence since his fall in the 2016/2017 season, following the end of his match with the Olympic in the final round of the Second Division League after he scored a precious away victory over Olympic Alexandria with two goals against a goal, raising his score to 47 points in the first place of the group by a difference Two points from Pharco, his closest competitor, who beat the Mahalla municipality by 4-0.

The spinning team, by virtue of its presence in a large city like the city of Mahalla al-Kubra, has had public support in al-Mahalla al-Kubra and the villages that follow, after the Ghazl al-Mahalla stadium, with its three famous chimneys, was a cemetery for adults and a theater to display the most prominent football arts and bring down the giants from the competitors.

Although the owner of the heavenly uniform has been absent from the Egyptian League for recent periods, he still maintains his bright history and ranks sixth as the most participating club in the Premier League, with 47 appearances and 1163 games.

Mahalla yarn The peasant leader, as he is called by his supporters, is one of the most famous Egyptian league teams, being one of the few teams that previously achieved the Egyptian Premier League title when he succeeded in the 72-73 season in winning the title. .

The 1970s era is considered the best period for Ghazal El Mahalla team, after it won the league title and won second place for the 75-76 season, while it managed to achieve third place on five occasions, the last of which was the 92-93 season.


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