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The famous beauty expert, Bader Khalaf, expressed his remorse for his transformation into a female, due to some of the people who attack him, to continue to raise controversy over the “social media”.

Khalaf wrote through his account on the Twitter site of short blogging: “My Lord sometimes regrets that I became a girl, because of some samples, what is the lack of literature, foolishness and lack of education, seeing“… ”in the streets of Jeddah proudly? I came to Saudi Arabia, covering up and dress modestly and for a long time! … and my Lord, we are at the end of time. ”

Badr Khalaf resolves the controversy of his conversion to a female

“Khalaf” has settled the controversy over his sexual transformation by posting a new video of him on his personal Twitter page, in which he reviews the change of his body into a female.

And it appeared “behindIn a video clip, outfits resemble the look of “Disney” Princess Jasmine, the heroine of “Aladdin”, who features “Top of Shoulders” with transparent sleeves and loose-fitting pants, with long brown hair bearing some waves.

The cosmetic expert commented: “Behind the scenes, before the mustache was removed, excited about my shelf? For how many days left and wait.”

On September 4, “Khalaf” appeared with his bright brown hair of medium length, while the application ensured that he put makeup on him and concealed the mustache, commenting: “We, the daughters of Otaiba, found the shadids …

It is worth noting that “Khalaf” initially drew attention to him with videos, through which he provides girls with tips for preserving their skin, skin, and hair, which provoked the interaction of many of them.

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