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Tariq Abdul Mohsen, who is being dealt with by the media, revealed that he was the director of the dancer’s work Brazilian LordianaIn a special statement to “Al-Watan” that he is not its manager, and that he owns a company that organizes parties, stage animation and entertainment, confirming that she works in his company.

Tariq explains that The Dancer Lordiana is part of a team working in his own company, saying: “The story of her manager means that she is the star of the stars, and I walk and see her, and her paper is concluded. She is not working in a team in my company and I consider her sponsor here in Egypt.” Stressing that there are concerts and participation in upcoming films for the Brazilian dancer, according to the director of the company.

Not just “Lordiana” … “in two violins”

“Lourdiana” is not the only Brazilian dancer who works for the “Tariq” company. There are two Brazilian dancers who will be announced soon: Lordiana. ”

The Brazilian dancer is causing a controversy

The Brazilian dancer Lourdina has sparked controversy over the past hours, after appearing in a video clip, dancing the tones of the “my sisters” festival, inside a beauty salon.

The dancer was greatly admired by the pioneers of social networking, as some believed that she was a professional dancer, as well as her ability to create a state of joy in the place, according to some.

Tariq confirmed that he was happy with the reactions to the video, stressing that everything presented by “our lords” does not contain vulgarity or lascivious and exciting scenes. We go cabarets under the stairs, we occupied all of them with respectable hotels and places. ”

Lordiana: Happy with the feedback on the video

Lourdiana said, during her conversation with Al-Watan, that she was happy to have lived in Egypt several years ago, and to visit several tourist and archaeological areas, most notably the pyramids, despite her not finding the Arabic language: “I don’t know how to speak Arabic well, to speak a little.

The Brazilian dancer expressed her happiness with the positive reactions and the interaction of Egyptians with her last video clip, saying: “Thank you, I love all of you.”


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