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Celebrity stories and their private secrets are always of great interest to the masses. Likewise, issues of transgenderism arouse the curiosity of a large segment of them and capture their discussions, so what if the issue is related to a celebrity?

The question finds its answer in many cases that sparked controversy, the last of which is the Emirati plastic surgeon, Badr, behind the controversy, his sexual transformation, who published a video clip, on his Facebook page, describing him as “shocking”, during which he reviewed the change of his body to ethnicity.

Khalaf appeared, in a video clip of no more than 15 seconds, in outfits resembling the look of Disney Princess “Jasmine”, the heroine of the movie “Aladdin”, who features “Top of Shoulders” with transparent sleeves and loose pants, with long brown hair carrying some waves, commenting: “Behind the scenes, before the mustache was removed, excited about my shelter? How many days left and go down? Wait.”

Nour .. son of the artist Hisham Selim

While director Enas El-Deghidi hosted the artist Hisham Selim, on her program “Sheikh of the Warm and the Daring” on May 4, the artist surprised everyone, that his daughter “Nora” had turned into a male to become his son Nour.

Some time later, the name of the artist, Hisham Selim, appeared in the arena of debate, after his son Nour Hisham Selim published a video clip (Astori) through his official account on Instagram, declaring that he was transgender and not transgender, as mentioned before.

Nour Hisham Selim confirmed that the operations that he performed to become a man were a transgender and not a transit as he previously claimed, continuing: “I didn’t have a hormonal imbalance or intersex, because I’m in front of our Lord what I did this wrong, and you are walking my love, Nour, and I do what you love.”

And after Sarah Hegazy’s suicide, Nour Hisham Selim published an explanation after the criticism that he faced as a result of his admission that he did not suffer from a hormonal imbalance before undergoing a female to male transformation, as his father, artist Hisham Selim, said in one of his television interviews.

Nour wrote, on his Instagram account, through the Alasturi feature: “Clarification, one day I announced that I had converted, and as my father said that day, I am going through a very difficult period, because there are many like me who address me and want to help them, as if I have the ability to do something and I I cannot help myself. ”

Hanan long

She was originally a man called Tariq, and she was born in 1966, and she did not feel comfortable in her body as a male, along with the tendency to pay attention to women’s matters, and therefore she decided to travel to a country for a mutation surgery, and she returned again as “Hanan” and entered the world of cinema in 1999.

Bruce Jenner

Bruce, 65 years old, the ex-husband of “Kris Jenner”, the mother of “Kim Kardashian”, decided to convert into a female, after living 6 decades as a man, an Olympic champion, in addition to being the father of many children.

And “Bruce” called himself “Caitlin Jenner” after he had undergone a sexual reassignment operation, confirming that he felt that he was a female inside, and frankly with his three former wives about this matter, as well as his sons and his wife’s children, who fully supported him on that, especially “Kim Kardashian”, Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

Carmen Carrera

She was originally a male named “RuPaul”, and participated in many American sitcoms, before deciding that the male character was not the best for her, then she made her decision to convert her type into a female to become “Carmen”.

After the operation, the character “Carmen Carrera” appeared in reality, and participated in many series, and appeared as a model in the famous chain of stores “Victorias Secret”.

Amanda Lepore

An American model, artist, and singer, she is one of the most prominent transgender public figures.

She appeared in advertisements for many companies such as “The Blond” and “CAMP Cosmetics”, and her true personality was not known before the transformation, but she became the most famous trans personality in American history.

Laverne Cookst

American actress “Laverne Cox”, from male to female, is the only transgender person to have been nominated for Emmy Awards, and is best known for her role in “Orange is the New Black”.

Candice Caillou

An American actress and performer, she participated in many TV scenes, where she performed many roles related to transgenderism, before admitting that she was like them, and she was a male and turned female in 2007.

Alexis Arquette

An American male-to-female transgender actress, who documented her story in the movie “Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother”, and presented a number of artistic roles with major celebrities such as John Travolta and Samuel Jackson.

Leah T.

A Brazilian model, born in 1981, underwent a male-to-female sex transition in Thailand in 2012, and later became one of the most famous models.

Chaz Bono

The son of American actress Cher Bono, who boycotted him after his girl-to-man transgender process, and underwent a transsexual operation between 2008-2010.

Janet Mok

She worked as editor-in-chief of “People” magazine of America and blew everyone’s surprise when she announced that she had given birth to a male, and that she had undergone sex reassignment surgery in Thailand when she was only 18 years old.

Gina Talakova

A Canadian model transformed into a girl when she was 14 years old, and she did not become a fully transgender until the age of 19, and she also participated in the “Miss Canada” contest.


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