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Festivals appeared Beccas mother-in-law AndOmar KamalIn the latter’s car, he advises him to marry, shortly after Becca revives his wedding.

Omar Kamal circulated a video clip through his personal account on Facebook, in which he asked Hamo Beka, saying: “The passport is very sweet,” so the latter would reply: “By God, the permissibility is like honey.”

Beka gave advice to Kamal: “My soul, you marry and see the righteous girl who protects you, so that he can bring you a family on the track.

And Becca continued his speech: “The best thing in the passport is that you are going to meet a fresh bite, to meet the one who treats you while you are upset and joyful, and life is zenzalobia, meaning mixed yogurt.”

And Kamal joked with him, saying: “You found the plump?” To respond, “Becca”: “I found the plump and the apostle who did not want me but my mother.”

Omar Kamal concluded the video, saying: “Becca persuaded me and I will marry salvation.”

Hamo Beccas wedding

And Becca celebrated his wedding last September, wearing a white suit, then wearing a black one.

A group of activists also circulated a picture of a Range Rover branded car, with the name of the festivals singer Hamo Beca written on it, and it was the vehicle that gave the newlyweds the car.

Becca was keen to decorate his wedding car with flowers, and wrote the word BIKA on it in English.

Omar Kamal gets the golden shield

The artist Omar Kamal, through his account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, announced that he had received the golden shield from YouTube. Kamal also posted a picture with the shield, and commented on it, saying: “The golden YouTube shield, thank you.”


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