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6:37 PM | Monday 26 October 2020

35 million pounds prevent Ahmed Fathy from participating with Al-Ahly in the Champions League final

Ahmed Fathy, Al-Ahly player

Private sources revealed that the current Al-Ahly player, Ahmed Fathy, cannot participate in the CAF Champions League final, unless the value of the penalty clause is paid in his contract with Pyramids Club.

The last period has witnessed a great brilliance of Ahmed Fathy, the joker of the club’s first football team AhlyWhich opened the file for his continuation with the red team, at least until the end of the African Championship, then moving to his new club, Pyramids.

Ahmed Fathy, his last match in the Al-Ahly shirt, will play in front of Al-Jaysh in the last round of the league championship next Saturday, October 31, after which his contract for 3 seasons with Pyramids will be activated, which prevents the Joker from being in the CAF Champions League final, And scheduled for it on November 6.

A source inside the Pyramids Club said in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan Sport”: “Al-Ahly did not request a contract with Ahmed Fathy, even the player did not inform us of his desire to withdraw from moving to the heavenly team, in order to continue with Al-Ahly.”

The source added: “There is a penalty clause in Ahmed Fathi’s contract worth 35 million pounds. If he wants to withdraw from moving to Pyramids, he must pay the amount and get the contracts he signed, in contrast to the value of the first season of his contract with the club, which he obtained upon his signature on His transfer contracts to the team in a free transfer.

The loss of the Confederation brings Cacic closer to leaving Pyramids

And the days of the Croatian Ante Cacic, coach of the Pyramids team, are numbered at Al-Sami Club, after losing the African Confederation title, after defeating Borkan, with a clean goal, in the match that brought them together yesterday, Sunday, at the “Moulay Abdallah” stadium in Casablanca.

The departure of Caci بير from Pyramids is almost certain, and the closest thing is for the Croatian coach to leave the club after the Arab Contractors and the team’s final match in the League Championship, which he will play next Saturday, after which his departure will be officially announced, according to informed sources revealed to “Al Watan Sport”.

The sources indicated that there is a large consensus within the Pyramids club, that Cacic will leave the team at the end of the current season.


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