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12:19 PM | Friday 23 October 2020

FIFA threatens Wydad and Raja before confronting Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the Champions League

Al-Ahly and Wedad

FIFA threatened the Moroccan teams, Wydad and Raja, with denying contracts, before they clashed with them in front of Ahly AndZamalek In the second leg of the semi-finals of the CAF Champions League for the current season 2019-2020.

According to the Moroccan newspaper “Al-Sabah”, “FIFA” threatened Wydad and Al-Rajaa with the Moroccans to deny contracts, and the matter may reach points from them in the new season, due to the large number of disputes it receives from Moroccan clubs, chiefly Wydad and Raja.

The Moroccan newspaper added that a Moroccan Football Federation source indicated that the FIFA had prepared a blacklist of teams that would be banned from contracting in the coming period unless they settle their disputes and included many Moroccan clubs.

Fifa puts Wydad and Raja on a blacklist, threatening them with denial of contracts

The newspaper continued, citing a source in the Moroccan Federation, that 90% of the disputes that arrived at FIFA from Morocco came through the Wydad and Raja clubs, which puts the duo vulnerable to heavy penalties that reach denial of contracts in the new season 2020-2021.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly club will host its Moroccan counterpart, Wydad, this evening, Friday, within the framework of the semi-final second leg of the African Champions League for the current season 2019-2020.

The channels that broadcast the Al-Ahly match and Wydad in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals

The Al-Ahly match against Moroccan Wydad is scheduled to begin at 9 pm Cairo local time, “8:00 Moroccan time”, at Cairo International Stadium, and the match will be broadcast on beIN Sports HD 7, with Hafeez Darraji, an encrypted channel via the NileSat satellite, And the Arabsat satellite.

The match will also be broadcast on one open channel, after the “Arena Sport” channel announced its broadcast of the match via the “Hellas SAT 39 ° E” satellite, which is very close to the “Hot Bird” satellite, and is 3 cm away from it according to the position of the “shower”. Which picks up satellite signals, and the channel frequency is 11135 polar: vertical V coding: 30,000.

It was also decided to broadcast the Egyptian club Al-Ahly and Moroccan Wydad in the semi-final round of the African Champions League on the ground frequency of the ON Time channel.

And the sons of Al-Qala Al-Hamra enter the confrontation and they need to draw, win any result or lose by one goal to officially qualify for the Champions League final in the current season, after winning 2-0 in Casablanca.


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