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11:15 PM | Sunday 04 October 2020

Musimane: I am not satisfied with the physical level of the players ... and the large number of injuries bothered me

Betso Mosimane, the new technical director of Al-Ahly club

Across the South African petsu Mosimane Technical director of the club’s first football team Ahly, About his happiness after his team’s victory today against the Arab Contractors with a goal without a response.

“The match was difficult because the team that we faced was dangerous in defense and counter-attacks,” he said in the press conference after the end of the match.

He added, “We watched the Arab Contractors match against Al Ahly in the first leg, and speed is their strength, and we analyzed the contractors’ performance.”

And he continued: “We dominated the match all the time and did not create many chances in the first half, but we controlled the play, and in the second half we had a chance to score, but unfortunately we were not able to score.”

He continued: “I know very well that there is a lot of work awaiting us, specifically on the defensive side, and I involved Kahraba in the match and took him out a few minutes before the end because he lost his physical fitness, and he was an important player for us, he and Hamdi Fathy.”

He added, “Ahmed Fathy played in the left-back position, and with his experiences he made a distinguished match, and I was worried about Ayman Ashraf, especially since his ankle had some pain.”

Musimane said: “I hope it is not an injury Mohammed Al Shinnawy Great, and I’m happy with the level we have done. ”

And he added, “We have to work on developing the physical aspect of the players, and I will see what is the reason behind the decline of the physical level of the players, although it is supposed to be very special in this period, and I am not satisfied with their physical level.”

Regarding the details of Muhammad Al-Shenawi’s injury, he said: “He will conduct x-rays and determine the size of the injury, and we hope that it will be light, and within 3 days we hope that he will recover and return again to participate.”

He continued: The team has a large number of injured players, “Al-Ahly Hospital”, and about assuming the task of training Al-Ahly, he said: “A great opportunity for me to be the first African coach to train Al-Ahly Club, and it is a great honor for me, which is a great club and the Century Club.”

He concluded his speech by responding about his stability to the formation in which the Moroccan Wydad match will be played, saying: “No … there are two matches before the Wydad confrontation, and I will not find the formation before they play.”

Musimane: I have a special philosophy and have got together with the players to communicate it to them

The new Al-Ahly coach said: “I met with the players to think about everything related to the team and how I feel now. I am with them in the stage of listening and understanding before making any decisions or establishing my way.”

Betso added: “I respect the former coach because he did something good, but I met with Sami Shirts and listened to Mr. Abdelhafid and the players, and I met with the doctor because I am bothered by the large number of injuries, and I am looking forward to presenting something new. I am looking forward to presenting a great show in Morocco and this needs a great effort.”


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