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11:10 PM | Friday 09 October 2020

Olympic: The law prevents the Minister of Sports from canceling the dismissal of the President of Zamalek

The ousted president of Zamalek

Sharif Al-Arian confirmed a secretary Olympic committee The Egyptian Ministry of Sports has no right to cancel the committee’s decision against the president of Zamalek, regarding his suspension for 4 years and his removal from office.

Al-Erian said in statements on MBC Egypt: “The Ministry of Sports has no right to cancel our decision in the Olympic Committee, because we have investigated complaints against the president of Zamalek Club, and this is clear and explicit, and it is our right to make this decision.”

He added, “The Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports are complementary to each other, and the Minister of Sports has nothing to do with our decision. The Sports Law confirmed that any sports dispute is resorted to the Sports Settlement and Arbitration Center, and we have no right to interfere in its affairs, and when you do not like its decision, you resort to the Sports Court.”

He continued: “We have 29 complaints from sports federations against the president of Zamalek, and we have no relationship with the club, and the federations have notified us of the decision, and each association according to its regulations implements the decision, and does not have FIFA and CA to cancel our decision, and they have nothing to do with the matter. The decision is according to the constitution and the law. ”

He explained: “Enough refused a letter from Zamalek with the signature of his president, and told him you are suspended, and another letter was sent with the signature of the vice president, Zamalek on our head from above, the text of the teams from Zamalek, and the text of the Olympic Committee from Zamalek, and they will not be affected by any need.”

He continued: “The natural decision is that the Ministry of Sports approves the signature of Ahmed Jalal Ibrahim, canceling the signature of the president of Zamalek, and the deputy runs the club’s affairs, and with the first general assembly calling for elections for the vacant position, the council has only one year left, and the club’s president will not be blamed because there is a council. Management “.

He added: “We sent a letter to the president of Zamalek about our decision, and he has the right to appeal within a week, and if he is not satisfied with the decision, he is entitled to resort to the settlement center, and then he goes to the International Sports Court according to the regulations, and he knows that, this is the chain of litigation. We asked him for investigation and did not come to defense On his own behalf, even if he does not submit the appeal, it will be a waiver of his right. He will not be transferred to another sports body. This is a mistake. There is no association that punishes a club, no, this is a normal procedure. ”

He stressed: “The issue of parliamentary immunity is not present in sports, if Sayed Abdel Hafeez entered the parliament, would the Football Association not punish him? This is not logical talk, and the House of Representatives will not engage in this by itself.”

Olympic dismisses the president of Zamalek

The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Olympic Committee decided unanimously to approve the conclusion of the memorandum of the investigation committee made by the judge, the head of the investigation committee and the head of the Court of Appeal, in the violations dealt with in the investigation, which was restricted to No. 13 of 2020 Investigation.

The council decided to suspend the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Sports Club from practicing any sporting activity in Egypt for a period of four years (4 years) and to fine him an amount of one hundred thousand Egyptian pounds, with the consequences of that, most notably the failure to approve his representation of the Zamalek Sports Club in front of others and the judiciary With regard to the club, and not assuming the presidency of any meetings or general assemblies or the board of directors of the Zamalek Sports Club during the period of the suspension, in addition to not counting his signature on any procedure or correspondence, or anything related to the Zamalek club, especially financial issues or authorization therein, and the deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Sports Club and members of the Board of Directors calling for the first ordinary general assembly, including the clause of elections for vacant seats, and in particular the seat of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.


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