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1:03 PM | Monday 05 October 2020

Urgent .. The Minister of Sports has the right to suspend the decision to dismiss the President of Zamalek ... and the decision is made within 48 hours

Mortada Mansour, head of Zamalek, with his deputy, Ahmed Jalal Ibrahim

In a surprise of a heavy caliber, Al-Watan learned that the next 48 hours will decide whether Mortada Mansour will continue as president of the Zamalek club or not, after a decision Olympic committee Removing him from his post and preventing him from practicing any sporting activity for a period of four years.

A source revealed that the only one capable of passing the decision to suspend the president Zamalek Ashraf Sobhi is the Minister of Youth and Sports, and therefore the decision of the Olympic Committee will be between direct implementation or referral to legal affairs in the ministry to take the appropriate decision.

The Olympic Committee headed by Hisham Hatab issued a statement yesterday, Sunday, confirming that Murtada Mansour was stopped from practicing any sporting activity and fined an amount of 100,000 pounds, canceling his representation of Zamalek Club in front of others and the judiciary regarding the club, and not chairing any meetings or general assemblies inside Zamalek Club And his signature on the club’s securities is not recognized.

The source explained: “The law does not give the Olympic Committee the power to punish clubs, because it supervises the sporting bodies in the technical side, and therefore the decision taken by the committee will depend on the position of the minister who has the ability to activate the decision by immediate implementation, or not regard the decision and refer it to legal affairs, in preparation for it.” For not implementing the decision or discussing it by the committee again. ”

Source: The closest the president of Zamalek will remain in office

The source blew a surprise that the closest thing is that the Zamalek president will continue in his position, given that the Sports Law and the Zamalek Club regulations give only the General Assembly the right to withdraw confidence, as long as it is the one that chose the Board of Directors, except in the case of violations that were monitored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Officials of the Olympic Committee had stated that the decision that was taken against the President of Zamalek came based on complaints submitted by Al-Ahly Club and the Board of Directors of the Football Association, and from Hani Al-Attal and Abdullah George, former members of the Council, and the Board of Directors of the Handball Federation, and he is entitled to appeal the decision within 15 One day, and that it came after the president of the White Club declined to attend the investigations.

Preparing for an extraordinary general assembly

وكشف Yasser Idris A member of the Olympic Committee that the president of Zamalek sent lawyers, informing the committee that the club president should not be subject to investigation, because of parliamentary immunity, and that the committee responded to the legal team of Zamalek that he is subject to the sports law, and that he has the right to use immunity, in relation to societal matters only, and not any related matters With sports.

A source inside Zamalek indicated that the club president would call for an extraordinary general assembly to respond to the decision of the Olympic Committee, as soon as possible before the final decision is settled by Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, as well as the President of the White Club continuing his pressure on the minister to ignore the decision of the Olympic Committee and stay in his position .

It is worth noting that if the decision is implemented, the Vice President of Zamalek Club, Counselor Ahmed Jalal Ibrahim, will be obliged to call for a general assembly to elect a new president to replace the current president before October 30th.


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