Hossam Ghaly flirts with his wife: “my constant fanatic”


Hossam Ghaly, the former Al-Ahly captain, flirted with his wife Lamis Abul-Fotouh, and the capitano published a picture through his personal Instagram account with his wife and commented on it: “My constant fans.” Hossam Ghaly, the leader of the Al-Ahly club and the former national team, settled for the upcoming Al-Ahly club elections, after He resigned from his position as director of football at El Gouna club, and Hussam Ghaly received support from a large number of Al-Ahly club figures in light of his great popularity that qualified him to run in the elections and obtain the support of members of the General Assembly.

Hossam Ghaly
Hossam Ghaly

Also received Hossam Ghaly An offer from the current club management to succeed Sayed Abdel Hafeez as director of football after the end of the current season, specifically after the end of the African Champions League, but Hossam Ghali asked for a timeout to think about the matter, especially if he assumed a position within the club, something that might prevent him from running in the elections. According to the regulation, which is something that Ghali refuses, and who puts the issue of running for the club elections his priority at the present time.

Hossam Ghaly wrote on Instagram, “I would love to thank Khaled Bishara and Nader Shawky for giving me the opportunity to work as a football manager for El Gouna for a year and a half, an experience that I benefited from and learned a lot. We worked hard and sincerely tried to fulfill Khaled Bishara’s dream to have El Gouna FC in a distinguished position. God willing. Haras al-Hodoud match will be my last game with the team. I wish success and success for the next period to all employees of the El Gouna club system” .


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