How did Ayman Nour expel a journalist from Al-Sharq TV after accusing her of stealing food donuts?


The journalist Muhammad al-Baz broadcasted an audio recording of the Brotherhood journalist Sami Kamal al-Din, revealing how the fugitive Ayman Nour displaced a 22-year-old Egyptian journalist without winter clothes, despite the cold weather in Turkey.

And he said, “Sami Kamal al-Din,” during the broadcast of the “Akher Al-Nahar” program broadcast on “Al-Nahar” channel: “A girl named Maryam complains to me about Ayman Nour, and she says the things are inside Ali and I am not with me, it is a winter day, and I work in the East with 100 dollars. And she told me, “Can you borrow me? I can answer something that I can wear. My wife and I went to the girl and worked together with her.”He continued: “Unfortunately, Ayman Nour doesn’t just like that, but the decision has walked from the canal, and he tells it to steal food donuts, and throw it on the street.”

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