How will iPhone look like in 20 years? A new study reveals


Phone support iPhone 12 Pro Max The new screen has a height of 6.7 inches, which is nearly twice the size of the original iPhone that was released in 2007, and a new study indicates that if Apple followed this approach to size, Apple smartphones may be larger than the MacBook in 20 years, As I analyzed a company Wrappz For phone accessories, smartphones are developed by Apple, Samsung and other major manufacturers.

According to their findings, the size of the iPhone has increased by five percent every year since it first appeared in 2007, and at this rate, the most popular smartphone in the world will be larger than a woman’s hand by 2021 and larger than a man’s hand by 2024 – it will be taller. 17.5 inches, or nearly a foot and a half.

From camera quality to advancements in tech networks, the iPhone has seen a number of changes since its launch in 2007. Wrappz The most obvious change was its increase in size.

While the first iPhone appeared in 2007, it had a screen size of only 3.5 inches, the iPhone 12 Pro Max The recently announced one is nearly twice the size, with a screen size of 6.7 inches, and in total this equates to an increase of 91 percent and an average growth of 5 percent year-on-year.

Apple kept the iPhone size of no more than 3.5 inches even iPhone 5 , Who boasted of a 4-inch screen, but that changed when he arrived iPhone 6 Plus To market with a length of 5.5 inches.

The average woman’s hand is 6.8 inches, while the average man’s hand is 7.6 inches, and if iPhones follow their current approach, the phone will be 6.9 inches by next year and 7.9 inches by 2024.

William Williams, director of the company Wrappz In a statement: “While the large screen size provides a great user experience, it is clear that there is a need for a compromise in the coming years in order to ensure that smartphones remain practical, as research continues to develop the latest technologies, Apple will be keen to stay ahead of its competitors. One step further, by implementing the latest technological developments in the next two decades. “

In a recent poll conducted by Android Authority75% of respondents confirmed that they think phones have become too big, she points out Wrappz , The big phones are not only impractical but can cause various infections especially among younger users.


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