I could not speak as much … Vivi Abdo surprised the audience in his last appearance


6:11 pm

Wednesday 07 October 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Actress Vivi Abdo surprised her fans and followers through her account on the “Instagram” website, by appearing in a video clip wearing the hijab.

“Fifi” was keen to apologize to the artist, Elham Shaheen, for not attending the wedding of her brother Amir Shaheen, which was held a few days ago in one of the major Cairo hotels, saying: “You didn’t speak as much.”

“Fifi” revealed her health problems that prevented her from attending the wedding, saying: “I am very sorry for my beloved and my sister, Elham Shaheen, that I have gone to Farah Amir. I cannot go because I am so tired and I have a very stiff flu. I cannot be late for them so sorry.”

She directed her speech to her audience, adding: “You couldn’t appear in the videos because you’re tired or not as much as I could talk or move.”

The appearance of Fifi Abdo in the veil did not go unnoticed by her fans, who in turn made sure to leave comments to her about the matter, and some of them came as follows: “The veil is very beautiful on you,” “Beautiful without makeup.” Aliki, “looked like a moon in a veil.”


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