I found Rafat Al Hajjan on the roofs of my grandfather’s house


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When my grandfather, the father of my mother, may God have mercy on him, immigrated from Suez to Cairo after his house in Port Tawfiq was destroyed by an Israeli missile, he resided in a house in one of the buildings located in Talaat Harb Square, or as it was previously called Suleiman Pasha .. The old architecture was made up of six floors and a roof, and the gatekeeper was named Uncle Gamal This house became the home of the family and I used to frequent it during my childhood, boyhood and youth .. Most of those who lived in architecture were Greek Greek who lived in Cairo and some of them traveled and returned to his country again .. With the passage of time the architecture became full of offices and companies, and when we filmed the series Raafat In the year 87, we were looking for a place to photograph the outside of the house in which Raafat Al-Hagan lived or Yakov Benjamin Hanania, who used to live in one of the rooms on the roofs of a building in the center of the country, and by pure chance I went to the inspection process and he assigned me to that, director Yahya al-Alamy, and the choice was made on the architecture in which he lived It has my grandfather in Talaat Harb Square, its surface is large, and there are rooms for filming the external scenes. The strange thing is what happened while we were filming in architecture. There, I was surprised by the beauty of the doorman approaching me and asking me, “What do you imagine ?!”. I replied to him that we were filming a series about a man named such-and-such and I gave him a brief description of him, so he said to me, “Imagine that he used to live in the room that they photographed for a while. There is one above, named Levi Cohen … Did Levi Cohen tell him? how!!” He told me that he was an Egyptian Jew who lived on the roof, and moments after our conversation I discovered that this architecture in which my grandfather lived and in which we were photographing was actually the architecture in which he lived. Raised the beauty, famous for Rafat al-Hagan, and we are photographing in his real room, so I said Glory to God We did not know more than that he used to live in Suleiman Pasha Square or Talaat Harb. Certainly, the subject turned for Professor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Professor Yahya El Alami, and for all of us, to a very intense astonishment, which soon turned into great enthusiasm and joy, as the subject certainly differs for the actor and director when filming In the real places of events where it possesses a positive energy that makes him feel that he is actually living inside the events and not just mimicking them .. And the conversation has the rest

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