I told them, have mercy on me, but they refused


Didn’t expect a female employee Khanka That her meeting with her lover or boyfriend will end with a party of gang rape by 4 young men for more than half an hour, under the influence of drugs, as they took turns raping her in the crops at gunpoint until she became comatose, while they filmed the incident of sexual trespass with the phone camera of one of the accused to threaten her to pressure him She must not divulge what happened.

The events of the incident are due when the victim received a call from one of her friends whom she is emotionally related to and between them a marriage proposal to meet him, as she hastened to meet him with an independent tuk tuk, and as soon as they met, she went with him next to one of the agricultural areas in the White Ezbet Al Khanka Center and asked her to get off and from the tock driver Tok to leave.

She did not expect the victim of betrayal and moved with her lover into the farmland thinking that he asked her to set a date for marriage and talk about their details, except that she was surprised by the presence of 3 of his friends and asked to have sex with her, so she tried to escape and screamed, but they took out white weapons and started threatening her and having sex With her one by one, one of them took out his mobile phone and started filming what was happening so that he could be a document with him, to expose her if she talked about what happened to any person or she reported to the police.

The victim said during the interrogations, “I sat screaming loudly and asked them to have mercy on me, but they refused and they raped me for long periods of time. I photographed me on the mobile phone and threatened me not to issue a report against them in the police station.”

On the other hand, the initial medical report revealed to the victim that she had been severely violated as a result of the strength of the sexual relationship and the treatment of the defendants with the victim under the influence of narcotic substances, while the defendants were referred to forensic medicine to analyze samples from them to prove the incident.

The police officers of the Khanka Center received a report from an employee that an unknown person had intercepted a tuk-tuk vehicle she was traveling on the “white farm” road, stopped his commander, threatened him with a white weapon, forced him to disembark and drove her to the adjacent agricultural area, and that he and three others had sexually assaulted her.

A research team was formed led by Major General Hatem Al-Haddad, director of the investigations, and Brigadier General Khaled Al-Muhammadi, head of the directorate’s investigations. .

Lt. Col. Ahmed Sami, head of the Al-Khanka Center’s investigations, was able to arrest them and confront them with the findings of the investigations, which they acknowledged and confessed to committing the incident and for having assaulted the victim involuntarily under the threat of a white weapon and seized her mobile phone. The incident and the victim’s mobile phone.

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