I used to play and chatted with Ahmed Ramzi, but Rushdi Abaza Hamish


Actress Rania Youssef said that she is very afraid of illness, and not working, revealing that she feels alienated among her friends. She added, during his interview with the “3 Stat” program broadcast on the Sada Al Balad channel, presented by media professionals Salwa Muhammad Ali, Iman Youssef and Sally Hammad, that she is not afraid of death, and is only afraid of the last journey before death and loneliness.

Rania Youssef continued that she was always provoked by the issue of bullying and harassment, saying that she did not like evil. She wished to act with the artist Ahmed Ramzy, adding: “Because we love and play, he is the naughty boy of Egyptian cinema.”

Rania Youssef continued: “Melish in Rushdi Abaza, so that I can play with him,” revealing that she loves the childish face on which the late artist Ahmed Ramzy appears.

The artist Rania Youssef revealed that the characteristics of the man to whom she may be attracted are based on his thinking, personality, tenderness and generosity, saying that the key to her heart is to have mercy.


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