I was insulted, Reese, the director of the Dakahlia School narrates the details of the case of the governor’s insulting of her


Karima Zaid, director School Omar Makram Elementary School in Dakahlia Governorate, President El-Sisi, for insulting me from the governor of Dakahlia, Dr. Ayman Mukhtar, saying: “I have been in a bad psychological state since I was insulted by the governor and insulted me as a failure.”

She added, “I have been a teacher of generations for more than 30 years, and I got the title of the ideal pioneer and was given the title of Major General Omar Shadafi, the former governor of Dakahlia, at the Palace of Culture, so how did he insult in this way?”

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And she continued: “I do not have workers, and this deficiency is not only with me, but in many schools, and we have no fault in that, nor did the director of administration blame me and order me to take off the window.”

And she continued: “I dealt with my intention and did not respond out of respect for myself, but he wronged me by blaming me for something that is not from my specialty, and he interfered in my work such as transporting KJ children to the second round and reprimanding me for that, and he did not give an opportunity to explain that this was to preserve them after the collapse of part of the chapter,” We were preparing it. “

And she said: “He came while we were preparing and preparing. If he came on the first day of study and found anything bad, then he has the right to do whatever he wants, but he came while we are preparing for the academic year.”

She thanked everyone who sympathized with her and supported her, even if with words that raised her morale, appealing to President El-Sisi to fulfill her wish by meeting him and to do justice to her because she felt bullying and insulting not only to her as a teacher but to all teachers.

A video clip was circulated on social media showing the governor of Dakahlia, angry at the administration’s preparations Omar Makram Primary School in Dekernes for the new academic year, and he said in the video clip – to the director of the directorate Karima Zaid: “You are a failed manager,” which angered many social media users.

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