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In 1927, the cinema was pronounced, while one of the most important constructors, Charlie Chaplin, was keen on her silence, the movie tape for him is a universal message, and the language may lose ground that it gained, of course some brief comments were written on the screen in English, except that if you delete the comment you will not lose your ability to follow the film.

The cinema in its communication with the audience depends on the image only, and the director has two weapons in the silent expression, the first is the facial features of the actor that speaks the meaning, and this explains to you what we see now in terms of exaggeration in performance, while the time of making the film seemed natural, the second weapon is to preserve the visual wealth Gives images in composition and black and white lighting expressive power that sometimes exceeds what we now see on screens.

It should be noted that silent cinema is a minor category that did not completely cancel the sound. Rather, Charlie Chaplin, for example, put music playing in the theater accompanying the tape on the screen, increasing its ability to influence.

In the past, that was not the main function of it, the purpose was in the beginning to rise above the sound of a loud projector, except that Charlie Chaplin used music for creative reasons, and he also wrote the music for his films, and for a few years he refused the audible dialogue, and the strange thing is that these films It was sometimes more profitable than the speaking. A sector of the audience was keen to follow it. However, “Charlie” over time responded to the power of production companies and forced into the world of talking cinema, while what we have been describing as “the silent” is the eternal title of Charlie Chaplin. This exceptional artist formed the spirit of cinema, and he was appreciated even with those who stand on the other side of his creativity, such as the Swedish director Bergmann, and I discovered upon attending the celebration of his centenary in his hometown that he was one of his fans, and from his birthday ritual to celebrate watching Chaplin’s silent film (the circus).

Silent cinema is not dead, and every now and then we see a movie that wins big awards, such as (The Artist), who won a few years ago (Cannes) and (Oscars) for the rhetoric of silence.

The secret of “Chaplin” is that his films involve both laughter and tears. Certainly, he is also a (industrialist) shareer, fluent in all the details of the profession, (Osti) in dramatic writing, lyricism, directing and montage.

About 36 hours ago, we lived again in this (Chaplania) atmosphere in (El Gouna) with the movie (The Child). You discover that Anwar Wagdy benefited from it in his famous movie (Dahab) starring the miraculous child Fayrouz, even the famous song (Maana Real Maana Real) adapted from Another foreign movie, as the world at that time did not apply international intellectual property law, which criminalizes artistic plagiarism, and a large number of Egyptian directors have relied on these thefts, and the public is the last to know.

The festival screened the film after nearly 100 years, it is a production in 1921, as the copy was restored as a global heritage of mankind, and the band was led by Maestro Ahmed El-Saedy, and throughout the events we reclaim those glimpses, until what we see in a primitive moment we discover with a degree of reflection that it is a certain freshness. We spent an enjoyable night with “Chaplin” of the silent cinema, while we were watching a large number of films of this time, cheering: (Why did you not say) !!

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