Ibrahim Hassan comments on Musimani training for Al-Ahly


Ibrahim Hassan, the new director of football at Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria, criticized Al-Ahly’s contract with South Africa, Betso Mosimane, as technical director of the team, to succeed Rene Fyler of Switzerland.

In the past hours, the Alexandria Union announced the appointment of Hossam Hassan and his auxiliary apparatus to lead the team, succeeding Talaat Youssef and his apparatus.

Ibrahim Hassan said in statements to MBC Egypt, “Al-Ahly is the creation of Manuel Jose, before and after Al-Ahly, he did nothing. Fyler the same thing, he had no history. Al-Ahly can win the league with any coach.”

He continued, saying, “What is the crisis in Fyler’s departure? There is no problem. He is the loser for sure. He was getting a large sum of money in Al-Ahly in addition to the tournaments. Will he return to another Egyptian club for money?”

He added, “South Africa is a respectable country and Africans in general are respectable people, but Egypt is not without coaches in order to bring a coach from West, East or South Africa. We can bring coaches from North Africa, no problem.”

“Al-Ahly’s media continued to be strong and large, and there are media pressures spreading reports that Musimani is a miracle coach, do you want us to repeat these words? What is the obstacle, but the truth is that Al-Ahly does not present a strong technical performance, Al-Ahly is not good. Why is Al-Ahly’s performance maximized with Musimani?” ? “.

“Musimani did not do anything with Al-Ahly,” he stressed. “They say that Musimani had previously played in Africa and had these experiences. Will he train Al-Ahly only in Africa?”

He stressed, “Al-Ahly is not the one who brings a coach from South Africa. The African coach has a different approach and he is good at dealing with Africans, but the matter will be different in Egypt. North African coaches know our way.”

He continued, “Me and Hussam Hassan are not affiliated with a specific club in Egypt, and this is a cause of chaos and inconvenience for many people, if one day comes and we trained Al-Ahly for good and a blessing. If there is no problem, we can return Zamalek as professional people because we appreciate its fans, the same is the case with the Ismaili and Al-Masry.”

He concluded his remarks, saying, “There is a blackness inside a lot of people towards Hussam and Ibrahim Hassan. We are exposed to war. Anyone (sneezing) compares him to Hussam Hassan.”


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