If not for the Renaissance Dam, the floods would have destroyed Sudan


The Ethiopian Minister of Water and Irrigation, Seleshi Bekele, claimed that were it not for the first mobilization of AlNahda dam The flood disaster would have been in Sudan Even worse, according to a tweet on his personal Twitter account.
وقال BekeleAccording to a tweet on his account today, Sunday, “were it not for the first mobilization of the Renaissance Dam, which it is building Ethiopia On Blue Nile، With 4.9 billion cubic meters of water, The disaster of the Sudan floods, which destroyed thousands of homes and displaced tens of thousands of people, would have been worse. “

و .ضاف Ethiopian Minister of Water and Irrigation: “The Renaissance Dam is not just a source of electricity generation in the region.”

He continued, according to a second tweet, that the Renaissance Dam is of great importance for his country. Being a source of renewable energy development, and other benefits that will benefit the countries of the African region in managing floods and droughts and storing water. ”

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