Immediately receive the new Ontime Sport sports frequency to follow the football event continuously


Ontime Sport’s frequency on the Nilesat satellite, which is distributed to Arab fans in order to follow football at any time throughout the day, as it specializes in broadcasting new local and international sports matches with a live broadcast because it owns the copyright to these matches, this channel gives to all football fans The roundtrip enables access to distinguished and wonderful content through the new frequency

Ontime Sport frequency:

  • Time Sport has been launched since 2019 in satellite and terrestrial broadcasting,
  • So that all football fans can enjoy watching the best and most recent matches.
  • Where the channel owns all copyrights of the Egyptian League matches
  • Egypt Cup and various matches in the local Egyptian national team.
  • It also owns the copyright for volleyball and handball
  • Basketball and World Cup qualifiers in football in all stages.

Ontime Sport content:

The channel offers football distinctive content in all programs, as it includes the Egypt Stadium program, Ontime program, The Ontime program, the third North crowd program, and other programs. And Mahmoud Badrawi, Karim Ramzi, Karim Khattab and other sports analysts on the channel.

Ontime Sport frequency:

  • The Ontime channel frequency, which fans can type in the search engine, comes with the number 10853.
  • It comes with a horizontal polarization rate and a 5/6 correction factor, and the channel comes with a coding factor of 27500.
  • You get the channel by entering the search engine
  • Type the frequency and then press Search to install the channels on the device


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