“Immoral and lewd” … a country that bans TikTok and frustrates 43 million users


The authority said that the ban came in light of “complaints from various sectors of society, regarding immoral and immoral content, regarding the application of sharing and publishing video clips.”

It added that it will review the ban if the application adopts a satisfactory mechanism to deal with illegal content.

Pakistan ranks 12th in the world in terms of the number of downloadsTik TokWhich has been downloaded about 43 million times nationwide.

TikTok said that its application “is committed to following the law in the markets in which it is offered. We have been in regular contact with the Pakistan Communications Authority and are continuing to work with them. We hope to reach a result that will help us continue providing the service to the community.” Internet Dynamic and creative in the country. “

The “Tik Tok” application owned by the “ByteDance” company China, Enjoys widespread popularity he achieved in a short time, by encouraging young users to post short videos. But its rapid spread has raised several countries’ concerns about security and privacy due to its links to Beijing.

The app has repeatedly denied that its links to China pose any security risk to other countries.

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