Imprisonment is a penalty for anyone who refuses to subscribe to health insurance for his workers


The Comprehensive Social Health Insurance Law punishes the person responsible in public agencies, the public business sector, the public sector and the private sector, in the event that he refuses to participate in the General Organization for Comprehensive Health Insurance for any of their workers or in the case of non-participation in their real wages.

Article 67 of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Law stipulates that the employee who is competent in the public authorities, the public sector, the public business sector, or the employer of an employee who The private sector or its official who did not participate in the authority on behalf of any of the employees belonging to his entity subject to the provisions of this law or did not participate with their real wages.

The same penalty shall be imposed on the competent employee in the public authorities, the public sector and the public business sector, the business owner from the private sector, or the official in charge of him who carries the insured any sums other than those stipulated in this law, and the court on its own initiative obliges him to return to the insured the value of what they have incurred from these The amounts, and in all cases the fine will multiply according to the number of workers in whose matter the violation occurred.

Article 66 stipulates that the official or employee in charge of the authorities stipulated in Articles (41) and (49) of this law who does not collect or supply the contributions of the insured shall be punished with a fine of not less than twenty thousand pounds and not exceeding fifty thousand pounds. The employer referred to in Article (40) of this law shall be entitled to the authority within 30 days of its acquisition.


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