In a humanitarian gesture, Ozil is taking on the salary of the “mascot man” fired from Arsenal


In a humanitarian gesture, Ozil is paying a salary

German Mesut Ozil, playmaker for Arsenal Football Club, has offered to pay the employee, “Green Dinosaur”, who wears the club’s mascot, to survive after Arsenal’s decision to fire him.

Ozil confirmed today, Tuesday, that he will pay the salary of the “mascot man” as long as he continues as a player in the London club.

Ozil said through his account on “Twitter”: “I was very sad when I heard that our loyal and famous mascot Jerry Coy, who is an important part of the club, will stop operating after 27 years.”

He added, “For this, I offer to guarantee the full salary of our great green dinosaur, as long as I am a player at Arsenal, so that Jerry can continue to do his job, which he loves so much.”

Ozil, whose contract extends with Arsenal until 2021, is paid around 350,000 pounds a week, but he has not participated in the “Gunners” starting line-up since last season, after his many problems with the club’s management and his decline in level.

Arsenal decided to get rid of Jerry Coy, who had a role in communicating with fans outside and inside the team’s stadium when he wore the “green dinosaur” amulet, to reduce expenses due to the impact of the emerging corona virus pandemic.

Source: Agencies


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