In front of her camera flaunted her comfort .. Shadia helped the photographers, and Imad Hamdy cursed at them


Film stars are always interested in the pictures that are published for them in newspapers and magazines and how they appear in these pictures in front of the public, and photographers are always interested in taking pictures of the stars of art in all artistic events or festivals or during the works of art in which they participate, and even in their homes to publish these photos to the audience who are looking to see the stars. Always art.

And every artist has a method and style in dealing with cameras and photographers, and so were the stars of the beautiful time, so that the photographers memorized the way and style of each artist, whether in giving the appointment or in the way she is ready to take pictures, and even in the way she stands before the camera.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawkab magazine published in 1957, the great journalist Fomile Labib, who used to deal with art stars and had friendly relations with most artists and actresses, wrote a topic under the title: “The Camera and the Indication of the Stars”, in which he referred to the method and style of a number of artists of the beautiful time in dealing with the press camera And how the photographers struggle to obtain the images that the public see of the stars of art.

And Labib pointed to the way of the great artist Shadia in dealing with photography and camera lenses, despite her concerns and the many artistic links during this period, but she was finding a solution to get out of the impasse of lack of time and to meet the needs of photographers and journalists in the photos and shots they needed, as she called the photographer or journalist who asked her for an appointment To the studio where she works, and she aims to show him how busy she is, and for the journalist or photographer to photograph her during the breaks.

Shadia kept caressing the photographer and laughing with him, opening his appetite for taking beautiful pictures, and she was able, within seconds, to put on her face the expression that the photographer asked for.

Fommel Labib said that Shadia’s love for photography was the cause of several disagreements between her and the great artist Emad Hamdy at the time of their marriage, as Imad hated journalists and preferred to live separately from them. Journalists, countries pledging to ruin homes “. During this period, newspapers published many topics about the emotional and personal life of Emad Hamdy.


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